Hello everyone!

My name is Joann and I am a 20 year old college sophomore attending Michigan State University. I am from NYC, born and raised and I am half Dominican Republic and Pakistani. I am aspiring to become a Pediatric Physician Assistant, which means  applying to a Physician Assistant school after undergrad (I’m looking at 4 more years to go).

Medicine is my life, when I was a baby I had asthma. As I grew older I already knew my way around the emergency room, the names of nurses and doctors, my ‘usual spot’ next to the glass door. I would turn on the oxygen machine and put my mask on and watch enthusiastically at what was going on 3ft from me. I was enthralled, I wanted to see more of the action and the lives saved by my “super heroes”. My asthma was a blessing in disguise, I want will save children’s lives.

Growing up in NYC I was also very aware about different types of food. I loved exploring the different neighborhoods in NYC and the different cuisines like: Indian, Greek, Irish, American, Spanish, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Lebonese,etc. Having parents from two different parts of the world was fascinating because I savored many dishes. I watched lots of shows on the Food Network and explored the internet for food blogs and recipes. Needless to say I am a foodie! I love love going to new restaurants and try different foods, I also love cooking everyone’s recipes and trying my own.

Despite my awareness of healthy foods and an immense amount of choices I had at home as soon as I came to Michigan  I gained the Freshmen 15. Not having a lot of healthy stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes near me I went crazy on the greasy, delicious (so I thought) foods on campus and forgot about my healthy ways. I barely exercised, I loved social eating and I became so anxious that I had to eat everything on my plate. I forgot my balance, everything that I had strive and learned back home became a memory.

Christmas break and time to go back home, I was ridiculously excited to find my path to being healthy again. Now everyone that knows me says “You look fine” “You’re not fat”, “Why are you eating healthy?”, “Why do you want to lose weight?” It is not that I am “fat” it is not that I want to look “hot” “irresistible” etc, I want to be fit, healthy, toned, happy! I want to be comfortable in my jeans and not always have to play with my shirt so people won’t see my “love handles”. I want to run outside in a park with my boyfriend and enjoy myself not stop every 15 seconds because I can’t take it anymore.

I looked through all my books from High School and saw a note I had written about ToneitUp!  Karena and Katrina (founders of ToneitUp!) were my inspiration and I was estatic that I rekindled my love for them. I did more research and ended up purchasing the ToneitUp! Nutrition Plan and I couldn’t be happier. So join me in my expeditions to get healthy, fit, happy, beautiful and toned!


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