Drop 10 with Tone it Up & Self Magazine!

Hello everyone! It gets so hard to post almost everyday when you’re a full time student taking 16 credits, yikes!


I have been following Self Magazine since freshmen year in high school, I always loved their inspirational posts, meals and workouts. I am especially excited because my trainers, Karina and Katrina, are hosting Self’s Drop 10 Challenge!


 They teamed up with SELF to design…

  • 10 weeks of fun workouts!
  • Fitness videos with your trainers 🙂
  • HIIT workouts & your Cardio Calendar
  • Online tools to keep you on track
  • Daily motivation & messages
  • Weekly hosting on SELF’s facebook!

The Drop 10 challenge also includes recipes and a fool proof plan to make sure you reach all of your goals for Summer ’12!

The best thing about this also is that Karina and Katrina are still coming out with their 2nd annual Bikini Challenge after the 10 weeks of Drop 10! So in all it will be 12 weeks of non-stop working hard to drop pounds and get toned!

I am beyond excited to start this journey with the rest of my TIU sisters!


So please join me and everyone else who wants to tone up and drop 10 just in time for bikini season! 🙂

Like my trainers say, “You’ll never regret a workout… so get movin!!”


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