Late Night For The Collegiate

Wow it is crazy what college students have to go through in a week! My spring break was last week and this week was back to classes and getting in the grind of things. This week I had 2 exams already and still have 2 more left. I believe college professors are on this earth to ruin our lives. Can’t they give us a break? I mean Michigan State is the #1 seed in the Western Division and we won the Big Ten Championship! C’mon give your students a break.


Everyone here in East Lansing, including me, is going nuts for the beginning of March Madness. Anyway the point of this blog was that as college students we stay up late..till 3am sometimes 5am or even the infamous all nighters.

I always get hungry when I’m awake late so I decided to make my own healthy dessert for late night cravings!


I added Chobani’s Strawberry Greek Yogurt, Bare Naked’s Heavenly Chocolate, Blueberries and Cinnamon.


It was really tasty and honestly felt like I was having a dessert with if course healthy filling ingredients!

Now wish me luck for my next two exams tomorrow.


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