Sour as a Grapefruit

My mom loves grapefruit and for years she has been telling me how good they are for you and all of the wonderful benefits it has for your body. And my trainers, Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson, posted on their website a great FAT BURNING SNACK! and one of the staple ingredients for their 7DSD..grapefruit!

So what’s the problem? Why am I writing a blog about grapefruits when they’re great?!

I had a wonderful experience with lovely boyfriend bought me a couple of things from the grocery store that I needed to begin my 7DSD (I know I’m super lucky to have such a sweetheart who supports me in everything I do). I was so excited to finally try it that I ate 1/2 of it the night before the challenge.

How wrong was I to think that grapefruit + water = lovely combination ; I took my first bite into the grapefruit and instantly spit it out. Of course my first reaction was to chug water and as I did I almost choked on the sour after taste.  How can something that looks as sweet and delicious as an orange have such a horrible taste?

My path to having a healthy lifestyle is that of a grapefruit. At first it is ridiculously hard just to have the first bite; it is hard to make fitness/nutrition goals, where do you begin? What do you want to have accomplished? Who are you doing this for? The second time around it you’re already becoming use to the taste so it’s not a huge shock; you already started working out and you’re extremely sore sitting on the floor wanting to give up. But after a while grapefruits grow on you, working out and making better food choices becomes a little easier and manageable. You start to crave it when you thought it would be impossible to force that sour fruit back into your life; you want to workout because it makes you feel better and not because you have to.

The path to living a healthy lifestyle for me is sour as a grapefruit.


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